Finding Ways to Learn English


2020! A new year and new ways to speak and think in English

It´s 2020! and as Sandra said, ¨A new year and a new level in English! And I responded. ¨Exactly. A new way to speak and think in English. ¨My desire for 2020 is to continue finding ways, your ways, that spark a change in how you learn, communicate and think in...

What happens when you enjoy learning English?

Joaquín has taught me so much and shared so many stories with me. He is a saxaphonist in Desperdicis Clínics so music is the topic that we explore in our conversations. And it is through music that he has found what happens when you enjoy learning English.

What about this lack of confidence in English?

Why is it so hard to find confidence in English?
I made this post   thinking of another observation from Xisco.
«The thing about English   is a lack of confidence.»
I hear this all the time   phrased in different ways.
Mostly, people say that they    LACK words, fluency and  confidence in English.

¿Que pasa cuando realmente aprendes inglés?

¿Por dónde empezar? ¡Hay tantas cosas que pasan cuando aprendes el inglés! Dejemos que hable Jordina. Como directora creativa en una agencia publicitaria, evitaba cualquier situación en inglés, hasta que ya no lo podía evitar más. Su trabajo actual exige que hable...

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