Finding Ways:

A Blog about Finding Your Ways 

to Learn English

Really, that’s what it is about!

Each day, I sit down in this chair here, and remember what people say in our conversations, during a session.

Today Joaquín said,    «If you practice with passion and interest, it’s a game.»

So then, for example, I could write something about how you can discover a practice that feels more like a game; something that is more fun or even deeply enjoyable. And I could make a recording about it too.

Or I could talk about passion, and how everyone I work with has some deep desire to speak this language more easily; about all the ways people find to begin to fulfill this desire – very creative and quite individual ways.

Or I could talk about…  I think you get the idea.

I find material in every session and fortunately, I´m a fast enough writer to write some of it down. Or I use my phone to record parts.

Each day, people bring their ways of Finding Ways, and that is what this blog is about.


Aprender más inglés

Es un nuevo trimestre y hay un gran interés en la gente que contacta conmigo – un deseo renovado de aprender más inglés. Mi trabajo se trata de eso; te ayudo a hablar y entender mejor en inglés en tus entornos profesionales y personales.

Finding Your Words in English

Do you have enough words in English?
For you, What IS “enough’’ words in English?
Can you use most of these words when you are speaking with an English speaker? Can you find them when you really need them?
How do you remember new words in English?
When will you start using these new words in new conversations?

Understanding English Speakers

Talking about understanding English Speakers I´ve been talking about understanding English speakers recently. Sometimes the same questions and topics come up in different sessions during the week. This week,  Xisco and Lluis spoke about their experiences with...

What happens when you enjoy learning English?

Joaquín told me this story   just before summer started. He was at Sonar, backstage because of his work, and the time was right. Ryuichi Sakamoto was standing there, so he walked up and said hello, spoke about music and then asked for a photo with him. Ryuichi...

Let´s talk about PLENTY in English?

The meaning of PLENTY in English is:       to have a little MORE THAN ENOUGH of something.

And the concept is about quantity    and having more than enough of a quantity.
Please, distinguish it completely from the concept of FULLNESS.

What about this lack of confidence in English?

Why is it so hard to find confidence in English?
I made this post   thinking of another observation from Xisco.
«The thing about English   is a lack of confidence.»
I hear this all the time   phrased in different ways.
Mostly, people say that they    LACK words, fluency and  confidence in English.

If You Want to Speak English More Fluently

If you want to speak English fluently, here are some easy and essential ideas that can help: use the English that you have now and find your pace (speed) that makes it easier to find and use your words and structures in English.

¿Que pasa cuando realmente aprendes inglés?

¿Por dónde empezar? ¡Hay tantas cosas que pasan cuando aprendes el inglés! Dejemos que hable Jordina. Como directora creativa en una agencia publicitaria, evitaba cualquier situación en inglés, hasta que ya no lo podía evitar más. Su trabajo actual exige que hable...

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