It´s 2020! and as Sandra said, ¨A new year and a new level in English! And I responded. ¨Exactly. A new way to speak and think in English. ¨My desire for 2020 is to continue finding ways, your ways, that spark a change in how you learn, communicate and think in English. A change? What kind of change?


I’d like to share a few words from Joaquín and Miguel about their English learning in 2019.


In Joaquín’s words:

Now I have more speaking fluency in my conversations. I have developed the capacity to think directly in English without translation. By listening to my voice in English on the recordings, I have learned to improve my speaking. Reading in English has helped me to integrate new structures and words into my professional conversations. Writing in English ha

s helped me to develop my topics and vocabulary. Music was the focus of o犀利士
ur conversations and through it, Rachel and I have managed to reach our objectives always remembering the most important thing, «Enjoying and learning at the same time.

Thanks for your constant help in this learning process. You always know how to drive my energy and interest to continue progressing.

And in Miguel’s words:

My first memory of a session with Rachel is: ‘Look for a good enough level’. In other words, do not try to be bilingual. Instead, the goal is to communicate with other people as fluently as possible.

She has helped me face  my weaknesses and has shown me a way to take advantage of my strengths. Rachel is a good teacher and to me, she is more than this. She is the perfect coach. After many years and bad learning experiences, I was able to understand what is happening with my English and to find the path to better communication.

P.S: This is not advertising – only a few impressions.


It’s a new year, a new decade and in this newness, it is my desire for you to find new ways to keep learning English as adults. Joaquin and Miguel are two people who are finding their ways to communicate well in English and to enjoy the process of learning too!


That’s enough for now.