Finding more ways to learn English is my job. I keep studying linguistics and observing a community of English learners here in Barcelona. This is how I keep finding more ways, my ways and your ways, to learn this language.


Maybe you think there are only a few ways to learn an other language. The classic ones are:

      1. Memorization of grammar and vocabulary (Grammar and Translation Method)

      2. Repetition of phrases from a book (Audio Lingual Method)

      3. Conversation based on given topics and structures (Communicative Method)

    Or some mix of these 3.


    It´s easy to see that there are many more ways now-a-days. There are also many more language learning methods that mix well with coaching. It´s almost 2020 and we have millions resources at our finger tips. We also know what we want and what we don´t want!


    Here is my way, called Coaching de inglés, explained in Spanish and English, whichever you wish.)


    It seems clear to me now, that each of us has NEW and UNUSUAL WAYS to learn languages. I have been fortunate to work with many very creative, funny and interesting English learners in Barcelona and internationally. And it is with them, that I continue to find more and more ways to learn this language.


    This blog is about sharing our experiences of learning English. This week, let´s take a look at Isaac´s way:

    Isaac reads books in his field of psychology. He watches videos and he comes to each session with a desire to absorb more – always more. We discovered that he can write poetry too, so between discussing psychology and writing poetry, he is finding his way.

    I´m looking for a magic pen
    A pen for writing my dreams
    A pen for remembering my dreams
    Sometimes I forget my dreams.
    If I had a magic pen
    I wouldn´t forget my dreams.
    I want to remember my dreams

    Now, the question is,    What´s your way?

    Everyday, people share their insights with me. I just think about them and write them down, here.
    Send me your ways. I´d love to hear.
    That´s enough, I hope,  for now.




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