It was Saturday morning and
I was writing. I’m usually writing in the morning. Especially on Saturdays. When I’m inspired, I write poetry. Writing poetry is about finding my words in English. It’s about hunting for words and phrases.

Thinking about this, I flashed on the image of a hawk and I wrote this poem:

Saturday Morning
It´s Saturday morning and
I’m poised over this page
like a hawk
hovering above her prey
ready to drop
upon an unsuspecting word
a sumptuous phrase
that she can live off
for days 


I love finding my words in English. It’s my first language and I still need to search for my words. Searching for words is a game, a serious game. All the people I work with are playing this game. Sometimes words come. Sometimes they stay away until you stop looking for them.

The question is, How can you keep finding your words in English?

It depends. If you like reading, then read. If you like radio or video programs, then listen and watch. Start collecting a word or phrase a day. And find a place to use it – write it, record it, use it!

A while ago, Sergio needed to give a Webinar introducing a software program. He wanted to find a better style and some new words and phrases in English. Over the next two months we found just what he was looking for by practicing his ideas for the Webinar. Some of them were key words; others were connectors and phrases to make transitions easily. We even found words that communicated a sense of humor.

What happened? His speaking style completely changed. Really!! Only a few dozen new words and phrases made a huge difference.

I’ll keep writing poetry and I hope you keep finding your words in English.

That’s enough for now.