Quotes from my Notes about Improvising in English

I wonder if         after all our conversations and observations        in and about this language      if it would be enough for you to hear     just a few quotes from my notesfrom you      who keep learning to improvise in this language.

From Stefania       “The temptation to translate is an obstruction”     If i resist       “I enter into a different dynamic with English”    “more natural.»

(Yes! A new, different dynamic less and less translated.)

She also said      “Part of my realization with this language is    if I understand I can communicate”

(And this makes sense too       If we can follow the thread of the conversation      then we feel freer to talk)

Along a similar line       Joaquim said,     “It’s easy to fall into the temptation of translation”      and       “I have a tendency to translate”

(Maybe we all have this tendency at times.    The question is,   Is it direct translation or a freer kind of interpretation?   Are you translating word for word or        inventing and improvising with your words and phrases?(

Which leads   into a quote  by Arnau     “We need to improvise always      to say things in a new way       depending on who is in front of us.”

Yes. That’s it exactly!

Let’s keep        finding a different dynamic with English     lessening the temptation of translations and     finding our ways to improvise in this other language.

(And leaving translation for the translators and AI.)

I hope these words from     Stefania, Joaquim  and Arnau      are enough for you for now.

Thank you all,

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Improvising in English - Kandinsky's Improvisation 9