Rocio talks about her experience of losing her fear of speaking English in her professional context.

«I achieved my objectives.        My main objective was really to lose my fear because this fear      impeded me from improving my English.     It blocked me.     I feel more confident talking.

Ok, I need more practice and    to find more resources to talk in other ways.     It’s a totally different thing now.     I’m talking    enjoying.     I’m talking without translation.     Thinking without translation

It was the objective.     I achieved this      in one and a half months we cant make miracles.

The most important thing is the listening.     My listening changed 180 degrees.     I listen and I understand.     Ok there is a time when I can’t understand for the accent.     I can understand the radio and films.     It’s one and a half months and it totally changed.

When you understand, you improve.     If you understand, it´s basic to grow, understanding!

I feel that my main objective was to lose my fear.     I achieved I think now I can talk without fear and I can understand the radio      and you talk faster than before, a little bit.

And I am proud of your job and my job     because it’s a change.     It’s not the last step but      it is the more important step that you need      to arrive for this step to change      your language.

Your language changes      the day you lose your fear.

I’m very happy.     Thank you.     I am very grateful        for you help Rachel.

Thank you tooooo     Rocio!

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Losing My Fear - How Rocio found her way