Here we are, searching for something new to sink our teeth into. Can you imagine biting into a phrase, and then eating it? This is how I see internalizing this language as you continue learning. It’s about finding ideas that you really want to express in English and then, discovering phrases that help you do this in a new way. Maybe you only need one new phrase per day. Maybe that’s enough. 

A tour of the Prado museum (in English, obviously) gave Ana a place to look at art, while thinking and writing in English at the same time.威而鋼

Ana chose this painting and added this comment:
«This is Mars, the god of war, but I’ve always thought that he looks like a member of the village people.» 😅😜

Just this has brought more color and humor into our days as we continue staying home. And I hope this gives you some new ideas as well as something new to sink your teeth into!


If you would like a definition of this phrase «something to sink your teeth into«:
I would say this: to become totally involved and engaged in something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. 

And, even though I don’t believe translation helps much for learning, maybe «hincar el diente» begins to capture the idea metaphorically. 

Click here to see MARS ONLINE.

And if you would like to browse the Prado Museum, here is a LINK TO A TIMELINE of  art all of the works of art: