Why is it so hard to find confidence in English?

I made this post   thinking of another observation from Xisco. «The thing about English   is a lack of confidence.»

I hear this all the time   phrased in different ways. Mostly, people say that they    LACK words, fluency and  confidence in English.

a lack of – una falta de to lack    – faltar

So I was thinking about this   and putting some observations together and I realized that  connecting phrases with a few simple words or sounds is an way to begin to compensate for this sensation of LACK in English.

Here is the post:

I think, we may always feel a lack in a second language. It seems to be a quality of language in general.

From my experience,  when I use common words, phrases and sounds that sound natural in the language I give myself time    to search for my words and I connect my phrases more fluently and even, more meaningfully.

So then, just a question:      Really? All I  need  are some easy fillers and connectors to compensate for this lack? 

Yep. It works. Try it!

Can you imagine using these words in the post?  OK, So, I think, Also, hmmmm

Because, if you can´t, then maybe    you need to find some   that you prefer. Here are some more options:

Well, Anyhow, Let’s see… 

And, another option is to translate the fillers and connectors that you use in your own language(s). What are they? When you know what they are,     then you can FIND your WAY to use them.日本藤素 6>  

Because as you do, you will find more flow and fluency and in this fluency, more confidence in English.

OK, so… Do you have 2 minutes? Could you listen to my voice recording?

What do you think?

Xisco talks a lot in our 20 minute phone conversations. Last Thursday he also said,

“I´m more open to English now. I have an involuntary interest to understand and to learn. Before, English was work – homework, an obligation. Now, I learn expressions by listening and reading. It happens spontaneously – from a desire to discover. It’s something new for me – It’s different.”

So, that’s enough for now, I think.

I hope you found something new that you can take with you as you continue finding ways to have more fluency and confidence in English.