What is Coaching de inglés?

The process of coaching in learning English combines elements from linguistics, teaching, psychology and coaching and creates something completely different from a traditional English class. It involves learning English vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar in a new way, as well as gaining fluency and confidence with the level of English that you already have. English coaching is a process that adapts easily to the needs of each individual and each group.


The three distinct types of coaching, Face-to-Face , Online and my Blog , allow you to adjust the process to your way of learning and your availability. My intention is for you to choose a coaching style that works best for you. Online coaching can accompany Face-to-Face coaching. The Blog complements both options by offering you a place to learn and practice at your own pace.

How to start?

  • We set a time for a free session where we speak about your needs and objectives and organize a coaching project based on your specific context.
  • I send you the proposal and a budget.
  • If you agree, we set the day and time and the process begins.


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