English Speaking Fluency

How do you define speaking fluency?

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés y grupo de trabajo

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés y grupo de trabajo

Everyone has their own definition of what it means to speak English fluently. Most people relate it to speaking English perfectly, fast and like a native speaker. According to the dictionary, it simply means “the ability to speak easily and smoothly.” So, fluency really only means that you are able to maintain enough flow in your speaking style. When we speak a second language fluently, we feel more confident in what we are expressing and it´s easier for the listener to understand our ideas.

How can you get more fluency in English?

On one hand, we all know that without enough English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, it isn´t possible to maintain a conversation. In each session we focus on integrating just the parts you need.

In the sessions, in order to expand your linguistic expression, we will use a mix of resources such as:


  • estrategias de comunicación y aprendizajevoice and video recordings
  • simulations or role plays
  • texts
  • videos
  • strategies for integrating new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

On the other hand, even with enough vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, we know how fears and inhibitions can block our ability to speak fluently.

Through our conversations in the sessions, we explore the source of the inhibitions and search for your way of reducing and resolving them. All of us have insecurities in another language, and our way of transforming them is unique to each one of us.

The content of both of these areas relates directly to your personal and professional life in English. Working with these two aspects will help you clarify your way expressing your ideas and will allow you to participate more spontaneously and confidently in your interactions in English. In this way, gaining more speaking fluency in English is a possible and achievable objective.