How does English Coaching work?

The key elements in the process of learning English are:

  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Learning Psychology
  • The Hero’s Journey

Coaching de inglés taller trabajo en pareja

Coaching de inglés taller trabajo en pareja

First of all, coaching and collaboration are central. We use strategies, techniques, methods, systems, patterns, games and all kinds of ways that support you to learn English. Learning generates change; a deep and lasting changes. To do this, we need to collaborate in a way that provokes a change in how you communicate in English. This means that your role as a coachee and my role as a coach are different from the traditional ¨teacher-student¨ roles. This is a process of mutual implication.

Secondly, I draw from the psychology of learning to help me understand your learning style. This allows me to help you learn English more easily. It also helps me to understand what is stopping you from progressing. Learning another language as an adult provokes fears, insecurities and a number of uncomfortable feelings in all of us. Knowing how to respond to these blockages is a skill that I have developed through my experience and studies. As we enhance your way of integrating English and diminish your insecurities, you won´t remain at the same level for the rest of your life and will be able to achieve and maintain a high level of English.

Finally, the Hero’s Journey provides the map we need to follow to find what you are looking for. This map charts the stages in the journey so that we alway know where we are. In this way, it helps us orient ourselves in the complex and vulnerable process of acquiring a voice in English.

There are four distinct stages in this process:



In this stage we work together to:

  • Identify your main objectives
  • Recognize the resources you already have and those that will help you in your learning
  • Clarify your particular insecurities and obstacles


This is the where the journey starts and we focus on your objectives by:

  • Doing simulations and having conversations in English on your topics.
  • Diminishing your blockages
  • Developing your learning resources


This is the high point of the journey where you:

  • find new resources that facilitate your own process for learning English
  • Integrate central ideas through personalized recordings
  • discover a new relationship with your voice in English


This is the return from the journey where you begin to integrate what you have learned and you find that you:

  • have integrated new expressions, structures and pronunciation in your contexts
  • feel more relaxed and confident with your way of conversing in English
  • have discovered your voice in English.


What is my role?

  • I guide you in a way that helps you identify where you are, where you want to go and what you need to change in order to get there.
  • I help you recognize and overcome the fears and insecurities that often interfere while speaking English in the public eye.
  • I create a place where you feel a sense of relief from the self-criticism that impedes your learning process.
  • I use simulations, metaphors , storytelling and guided visualization as tools that help you to express your ideas more confidently and fluently.
  • I accompany you throughout the English learning process so that you find your own voice in English, your international voice.


I would like to thank Jaques Lacan, Joseph Campbell and Milton Erickson for their innovative ideas and clear voices in their respective fields.

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