Public Speaking in English

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés y grupo de trabajo

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés y grupo de trabajo

Speaking in public is part of our daily lives as professionals. If the act of presenting ideas in our own language seems challenging, it´s even more difficult in another language.

Currently, the most frequent public speaking contexts include:


  • Giving interviews
  • Speaking in meetings
  • Collaborating with international colleagues
  • Participating in conference calls (video and phone)
  • Giving presentations
  • Leading a workshop
  • Negotiating with clients
  • Presenting a course

How can coaching help to develop your public speaking skills in English?

We know that whenever we want to express our ideas in public, we are confronted with blockages and inhibitions that limit our communication. Through our conversations in the sessions, we explore the source of the blockage and a way of resolving it. Each of us has our own insecurities, and the way of transforming them is unique to each of us.

We also know that without enough English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, it isn´t possible to express our ideas. In the sessions we focus on each of these three areas using a series of resources such as:


  • recordings
  • simulations or role plays
  • texts
  • videos
  • strategies for integrating new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

The content of both of these areas relates directly to your professional life. By working together in these two areas, you will discover the words, structures and sounds that you are looking for, as well as the confidence you need to interact in your contexts. In this way, public speaking in English is a possible and achievable goal.

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