Combined Learning in English

Rachel_alumno_coachingdeingles_02Skype and phone sessions complement Face-to-Face sessions. In combined Learning, the sessions focus on:

  • preparing you to speak on the phone and in meetings, presentations and conference calls
  • reviewing, practicing and integrating more English vocabulary, structures and pronunciation
Combining online and in-person coaching allow us to:

  • continue our sessions across boarders and time zones
  • have much more flexibility in the timing and length of our sessions
  • find times that are most beneficial for your learning
  • continue on-going practice with English in between Face-to-Face sessions
What we do in the sessions:

Following your needs and interests, we work with a selection of resources such as:

  • recordings
  • simulations and role-plays
  • learning/memory strategies
  • communication strategies
  • feedback and evaluation
Sessions last 20 to 60 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or periodically to prepare for your activities in English.
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