Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson

Founder and director of Coaching de inglés

Born in California, I am a linguist and a language coach. Over the past 20 years in Barcelona, I have developed a proces called Coaching de inglés which facilitates learning in English. English Coaching offers a place and process for you to discover your voice as an English speaker and to use this voice successfully in your international relations.



English language coach

M y role as a English language coach and linguist is to accompany and guide you throughout every phase of this process until you achieve the level of English communication that you aspire to. Each of us has an individual way of learning a language. To start this process, we identify what works for you in your learning, and what does not. From this point on, we work in ways that are most beneficial to you and move away from what impedes your learning.

Coaching and Psychology

As I describe in The Process of Learning English, I draw from coaching and learning psychology to exploit your own ways of acquiring a language.  My studies in linguistics, language learning and cross-cultural communication allow me to evaluate your English level effectively and to focus your attention the most appropriate areas.

My role is to help you clarify and respond to the questions and confusions you bring with you. By working together in this way, you can finally incorporate the words, structures and sounds of English into your own English voice.


My education in language learning and international communication includes:

A Masters degree in Language Learning from World Learning. Vermont. 1995
A Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from The Evergreen State College, Washington State. 1985
Studies in Linguistics at The University of Washington, Washington State, 1984

After completing the Masters degree, I worked in the following United States grant funded programs:
US Foreign Agency, Barcelona, Spain. 1999
The Fulbright Commission, DF, Mexico. 1997

In 2000, I founded coaching de inglés and since then I have worked with individuals and groups in Barcelona and around Spain from many academic and business backgrounds.