English Fluency Online

How can you get more speaking fluency in English on the telephone or Skype?

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés impartiendo taller trabajo en pareja

Rachel Anderson de Coaching de inglés impartiendo taller trabajo en pareja

Communicating without the listener´s image is challenging in our own language and even more so in another language. Even with an image on Skype, communication is sometimes problematic.

By working via phone or Skype, we can simulate your future online conversations. This kind of practice, with clear feedback and recordings of your communication, helps you feel more comfortable speaking via phone or Skype in English. As we practice the conversations and topics that you can foresee, you review and learn new ways of expressing yourself in English.


English Fluency Online helps you:

  • expand your communication strategies with and without an image of the speaker
  • gain more fluency in speaking and listening via phone and Skype
  • focus on your specific questions and practice areas
  • prepare for a specific business call, meeting or presentation
  • continue your learning at times that are most beneficial for you
What we do in the sessions:

Following your needs and interests, we work with a selection of resources such as:

  • recordings
  • simulations and role-plays
  • learning/memory strategies
  • communication strategies
  • feedback and evaluation
Sessions last 20 to 60 minutes and follow a structure which responds to your questions, your up-coming projects and your conversational needs.